Welcome to the Factree Cultivar Evaluation Project

Graham's Factree is committed to improving and developing the latest cultivars that commercial growers have available to them. It is this level of commitment that has led to the development of this large-scale regional evaluation project with support from Horticulture Australia Limited (“HAL”).

HAL Horticulture AustraliaThis project was initially funded by HAL through voluntary contributions from Graham's Factree Pty Ltd with matched funds from the Australian government.

The project is aimed at the collection and distribution of regional specific cultivar information to assist growers in the assessment of new and existing varieties in an effort to mitigate the risks involved in making planting selections. This exciting new initiative from Graham's Factree further aims to encourage and actively engage involvement from grower associations as well as individual growers in the major growing regions to provide a collaborative outcome that is informative, and ultimately beneficial and rewarding to the fruiting cultivar industry in Australia.

If you have any queries or would like to be more actively involved in this project please contact us:

Graham's Factree
Telephone: (03) 9999 1999
Facsimile: (03) 5967 4645
Email: [email protected]

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